Do you have plans to buy a digital SLR camera in the near future? Are you a beginner in the field of photography, or you wants to switch from compact -system camera? Yes you have the option to switch to a DSLR system, or mirrorless cameras are increasingly popular these days because it has similarities with the digital SLR camera that is able to exchange lenses. But the mirrorless cameras have a smaller body and lighter than a DSLR camera. Even so naturally the photographers will rely more on digital SLR cameras to make photographs for more professional purposes, and has become a myth that DSLR cameras can certainly produce better photographs. Do you also think so?

Well , although the role of the photographer is actually more important , however, because due to the type of DSLR cameras remains a dream , especially novice photographer's dream , then we went along to choose between Canon and Nikon , although you can see the possibility to look at other brands such as cameras Pentax or Sony .
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Everyone knows that Nikon and Canon are the two largest players in the Digital SLR market today.   Nikon and Canon is as good as each other overall. Each makes equally excellent lenses at the same price points, and each makes DSLRs with the same technical quality in each format. However in the Nikon vs. Canon DSLR battle, which one is best for your needs? Please note that purchasing a SLR camera for the first time is not simply buying a camera; it is actually buying into a camera system. 

Once again, for the novice photographer, you can choose the Nikon D5300 or Canon 700D or the previous series in the entry level category such as the Canon 600D or Nikon D3200. Both the Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras do a good job of keeping things simple for beginners, with a range of full-auto and dedicated shooting modes for the likes of macro, landscapes, portraits and sports. Even the two plants also add certain features that you have on the type of more sophisticated as can be found on the Canon EOS 7D or Nikon D800.

If you go to a camera store or see the information in the online store, then you Nikon Canon Both have a couple of entry-level SLR cameras with 18-55mm starter lens roommates are under $ 1,000. Of course the price is more affordable than you buy high-end camera types; even mirrorless cameras can be higher than entry-level DSLR camera. Many professional photographers recommend to novice photographers to buy an entry level camera body, let alone you will get the 18-55 mm kit lens. The beginners are advised to set up a fund to buy the lens in the future as a wide-angle lens, a prime lens, telephoto lens, fish-eye lens or lens super zoom, so you can perform a variety of experiments and creative with your camera.

Canon vs Nikon, Nikon vs Canon, Nikon DSLR vs Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR camera, Canon DSLR camera, Sony Alpha, Panasonic, Olympus
Comparison of Nikon, Canon and Sony Alpha series. Image:

There are many photographers who say that the image quality is a little punchier from the Nikon DSLR, and its Active D-Lighting system is excellent for Reigning in the highlights while also boosting detail in dark shadows, working a little more effectively than the Auto Lighting Optimizer on the Canon DSLR. Do you agree with this opinion?

Canon fans certainly do not agree because Canon also has a variety of features and technologies that ensure that users can create professional class pictures, and you can prove to exhibit photographs on various occasions, or you can see the works of Canon users on the Internet. As with users of Nikon, Olympus or Sony, you will also find many websites that display pictures made ​​with Canon cameras. You only need to compare and determine what would be your reason to choose Nikon or Canon DSLR camera, or do you instead choose other brand.

The comfort of your hands when holding a gadget or camera will also is taken into consideration before you buy it. The differences lie in ergonomics and how well each camera handles, which is what allows you to get your photo - or miss it forever. That's why you need to hold a camera with your own hands so you can feel for yourself the difference between Canons or Nikon cameras. Ergonomic aspects are very important so that you are comfortable when you take pictures in a variety of circumstances, especially when you are on vacation or taking pictures of sporting events, or when you are shooting outdoors, for example landscape photography.
Canon vs Nikon, Nikon vs Canon, Nikon DSLR vs Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR camera, Canon DSLR camera
Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Image:
Another consideration when buying a camera are the features that were presented on a camera. The camera that presents the latest lot of various features such as creative (art filters), such as Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC will allow you to transfer photos to other media such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, can even allow you to share photos of social media such as Instagram, MySpace, Twitter and of course Facebook. Even many who have been equipped with a camera HDR feature, and certainly Full HD videofacility so that you can make a video clip or movie? The unique features and sophisticated can even be found on Prosumer camera, compact system camera, and of course the mirrorless camera.

Are you still confused to choose Canon or Nikon? Look for more information about these two famous brands in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. But by visiting the nearest camera shop in your favorite mall is the best way to compare it, even you need to compare with the Sony Alpha series or Panasonic GH series are also very qualified to be able to produce the best photos. More than that, you have to determine your goals as a photographer, also adjust to the needs and budget you can spends at this time, at least you can get a camera with the kit lens, then you gradually buy another lens of your dreams.

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