Have you been seeing a sample of the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera? If you've seen and not so satisfied with the quality of the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera, then you can consider the Galaxy S5 Zoom. This new gadget will be announced with the name Galaxy K.

Samsung Galaxy K is the next generation of the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Apparently Samsung is getting serious to develop the technology and features of the smart camera range, as well as other products such as LED smart TV. Sony and LG will receive strong competition from Samsung, as well as numerous other brands.
Samsung Galaxy K, Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom, new digital camera
Samsung Galaxy K. Image: updatemyandroid.com
If you look at the design of this new camera, the Galaxy KU has a thinner design than the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Although it has a thinner design, but Samsung Galaxy K offers a 10x optical zoom capabilities such as the Galaxy S4 Zoom. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy K also get improved camera sensor, slightly higher than its predecessor. It is said that Samsung Galaxy K using a 20 megapixel camera sensor, and reinforced with a Xenon flash.  However, the front camera is only 2 megapixels, slightly up from the 1.9-megapixel camera on the S4 Zoom, so  it would have been enough to make a photo selfie.

Based on the leaked benchmark tests, the Samsung Galaxy K will be equipped with specs like a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 720 x 1280P, even six-core processors Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa, with ARM Mali-T624 graphics, 2 GB of RAM, and two reported storage capacities, which likely means that a dedicated memory card slot will be present, and the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat is what runs on the device. All the usual connectivity is included, as well as 802.11ac Wifi support. SamMobile notes that super-early Antutu benchmark scores put the general performance of the Galaxy S5 Zoom quite a bit above both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

As a comparison, so you can consider. Samsung S4 Zoom has a 16 MP camera, 4.3 "qHD display with 540x960 pixels, dual-core Exynos processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage, plus a microSD slot. Whopping It also has the 10x optical zoom, and a similar feature is very Likely to be in the new S5 Zoom, too. Unfortunately, the S4 Zoom is as big as a compact point-and-shoot camera.

The display on the Galaxy S5 Zoom is expected to come in a bit smaller than the Galaxy S5, at 4.7 inches to 5.1. It has been confirmed that the new device will have support for the 4G LTE connectivity and NFC. Aside from the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom or Galaxy K Zoom, the company is expected to announce more devices that would be based on the latest flagship such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

According to the Androidandme.com, the Galaxy S5 zoom/Galaxy K will be unveiled on April 29 in Singapore at the Red Dot Design Museum.  There is no information about the price of Samsung Galaxy K, so you need to wait patiently, if and eager to vacation in Bali or Cuba with this latest cameras.

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