Nikon has introduced the D810, a superior product for a full-frame DSLR camera. This camera seems to be created for the photography enthusiast, or professional videographer. Nikon D810 full-frame sensor has a 36.3-MP FX-format (7360 x 4912 resolution), but without using the OLPF (Optical Low Pass Filter) to produce a high dynamic range.

To the satisfaction of the photographers, the D810 is equipped with EXPEED image processor 4, to improve performance minimizing noise.  The ISO option on this camera, is also wider, from ISO 32-51200. For normal mode, this camera has an ISO range from The ISO 64-12800. Why is the Nikon D810 has The ISO as low as 32; ​​and targeted to experienced photographers?

Apparently, a very low The ISO was good to confine light to make water flow more smoothly, especially in bright light conditions. If you use a low ISO, usually also means you will get a quality camera dynamic range wider, in a sense makes it easy to get a good photo in high contrast lighting conditions.

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New Nikon D810. Image:
You can try this The ISO option when you're hunting photos into the wild, where you will find a beautiful river. Maximize the use of The ISO 32 to photograph the river flow. 

Nikon D810 is also capable of recording up to 5 fps at full HD, even on a crop mode 5: 4, 6 fps, also the crop mode 1: 2 and 7 fps in DX crop mode.

Nikon D810 major specifications:

36.3MP Full-frame CMOS sensor (no AA filter)
ISO 64-12,800 (expands to ISO 32-51,200)
51-point AF system with new 'Group Area AF' mode (inherited from D4S)
Electronic first-curtain shutter and redesigned mirror mechanism
New 'RAW Size S' 9MP Raw mode
Expeed 4 engine
Max 5fps shooting in FX mode, 7fps in DX (with battery grip + EN-EL18 / AA batteries)
3.2in 1,229k-dot RGBW LCD screen with customizable color
OLED viewfinder information display
Improved Scene Recognition System allows face detection in OVF mode
'Split screen zoom' display in live view allows horizons/lines to be leveled precisely
New 'flat' Picture Control mode (intended to appeal to videographers)
Auto ISO available in manual exposure mode
Zebra strips for exposure checking in video mode
Uncompressed HDMI output with simultaneous recording to memory card
Built-in stereo microphone

The beginners and professional photographers can certainly make a movie or a video clip with maximum results with the D810. You just need to practice how to make a video with the practice as often as possible. You can get tips and solution in the manual, or through the Internet. There are many tips to make or edit videos from various sites, so that one day you will be famous videographer.

The D810 has the same autofocus with Nikon D4S, 51 point, with the ability to group multiple point focus (AF group). The LCD screen on the Nikon D810 is also improved, which this camera has a higher resolution, 1.299 million points. This sophisticated camera is suitable for landscape photographers require a high resolution camera, while for those who love action photos, there is a faster camera, the Nikon D4S.

Nikon D810 could be said to be very flexible, suitable for professional or amateur photographers who need a tough camera, which is capable of being used in all fields. The camera produces images with high resolution to print large size (bigger than 60 cm).
Nikon D810, NIkon VS Canon, full frame camera, Full HD video, new nikon camera, Nikon DSLR camera, Nikon D810 vs Nikon D800E
Nikon D810 vs D800. Image:
You do not need to worry, the D810 is also excellent for shooting fast-moving subjects, because the autofocus system has been advanced as Nikon D4S. When using this camera in DX crop mode, the D810 capable consecutive photos 7 images per second with a resolution of 15 MP photos.

Just for the record, if you are a user of the Nikon D800 / E, may increase the D810 is not too significant, but for those who use the Nikon D600, D610, D300s or D7100, it will probably feel more tangible improvement in the quality of the image, and when you hold it physically. The Nikon D810 can be purchased at a price of approximately US$ 3,296.95. If you think the price is expensive, then you can consider the Nikon D800E,  D7100 or Canon EOS 700D.

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