Although so many deals mirrorless camera or smart phone that has a variety of photographic capabilities with advanced features, but the DSLR camera will always be the first choice for the photography enthusiast. Therefore, various brands are always competing to tempt the photographers around the world, both professional photographers and novice photographers. Are you one of the new photographer?
Canon EOS 700D review, Canon Rebel T5i review, Canon EOS 700D vs Nikon D5300, Full HD video, Canon DSLR camera, new Canon camera, HDR photo
Canon EOS 700DImage:
This is your time to enter the world of SLR photography and unleash your creativity. Get stunning pictures and video thanks to the 18-megapixel sensor and have fun with the touch screen Clear View II LCD swivel. You can create images with low noise and high quality with every detail. 

Now you can rely on the Canon EOS 700D or Rebel T5i as a starting point for you to begin your activities as a serious novice photographer who wants to turn into a professional photographer. The EOS 700D is ready to produces images up to 18 megapixels and Full-HD video with a single camera.

You can harness the Movie Servo AF mode to keep the focus of the subjects of your video. You also can explore new and different perspectives with the touch screen Clear View II LCD swivel. With the Canon EOS 700D you are ready to shoot quickly and easily with Smart Auto Scene Mode. Capture every detail in the resolution 18 megapixel sensor Hybrid CMOS AF. The EOS 700D can takes pictures quality images that can be printed in large size or cropped for alternative compositions.

Even if you are a beginner, however, if you are willing to take the time to read the manual, then you can maximize the EOS 700D to make a movie or a video clip with sharp results in a resolution of 1080p using the level of automatic or manual control is best for you. The Hybrid AF enables continuous focus while shooting video: EOS 700D supports Movie Servo AF, almost silent, with the objectives compatible STM. Record stereo audio with built-in microphone or external.

With a little creativity you can definitely make a variety of interesting photographs, and even make your friends amazed with the photos that you have made. That the Canon EOS 700D has been equipped with various creative features, so you can pour your creativity whenever you are ready. Choose and preview one of the many effects with creative filters, including Black & White grainy, Toy Camera Effect and Miniature Effect. Scene modes based on themes automatically select the correct settings for the subject of the image, while Creative Auto mode allows you to control factors such as background blur through an intuitive interface.
Canon EOS 700D review, Canon Rebel T5i review, Canon EOS 700D vs Nikon D5300, Full HD video, Canon DSLR camera, new Canon camera, HDR photo
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You can also make photographs that in the past could only be made by professional photographers using high-end cameras. Now you can maximize the HDR feature on the 700D. Control HDR captures three different exposures and combines them into one, thus retaining the details of light and shadow.

Night shot mode Manual EOS 700D captures multiple images with fast shutter speeds and combining to create a blur-free result. Realizes beautiful images even in low light conditions and without the use of flash to capture the real atmosphere of the scene. EOS 700D offers an ISO 100-12800 (expandable to ISO 25600). Realizes beautiful images in absolute simplicity. Canon's Scene Intelligent Auto mode analyzes the scene and automatically selects the best settings.

If you are not comfortable to pay a DSLR camera with an expensive price, the Canon EOS 700D can be the right choice for you. Canon EOS 700D is an excellent 18-megapixel SLR camera with multi-touch screen and full HD video capabilities suited to a public medium-advanced. If you want to be more confident about the superiority of this camera, you probably need to compare it with the Nikon D5200 or D5300, so you have a more precise comparison, even if you have to compare it with the predecessor, the EOS 650D. Perhaps you can get attractive offers from the camera shop in your town, for example, free memory card, or discounts for a telephoto lens. Who knows you're lucky.

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